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AWS Glacier - Delete Archive

DescriptionThis operation deletes an archive from a vault. You can delete one archive at a time from a vault. To delete the archive you must provide its archive ID in the delete request. You can get the archive ID by downloading the vault inventory for the vault that contains the archive. For more information about downloading the vault inventory, see Downloading a Vault Inventory in Amazon Glacier.After you delete an archive, you might still be able to make a successful request to initiate a job to retrieve the deleted archive, but the archive retrieval job will fail. Archive retrievals that are in progress for an archive ID when you delete the archive might or might not succeed according to the following scenarios: If the archive retrieval job is actively preparing the data for download when Amazon Glacier receives the delete archive request, the archival retrieval operation might fail. If the archive retrieval job has successfully prepared the archive for download when Amazon Glacier receives the delete archive request, you will be able to download the output. For more information about archive retrieval, see Downloading an Archive in Amazon Glacier. This operation is idempotent. Attempting to delete an already-deleted archive does not result in an error. RequestsTo delete an archive you send a DELETE request to the archive resource URI.

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AWS Glacier


Amazon Glacier is a secure, durable, and extremely low-cost cloud storage service for data archiving and long-term backup. Customers can reliably store large or small amounts of data for as little as $0.004 per gigabyte per month, a significant savings compared to on-premises solutions. To keep costs low yet suitable for varying retrieval needs, Amazon Glacier provides three options for access to archives, from a few minutes to several hours.

Curl command through

curl -v "{AccountId}/vaults/{VaultName}/archives/{ArchiveID}?X-Sd-Token={streamdata_token}"

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