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AWS Glacier Upload Archive

DescriptionThis operation adds an archive to a vault. For a successful upload, your data is durably persisted. In response, Amazon Glacier returns the archive ID in the x-amz-archive-id header of the response. You should save the archive ID...

AWS Glacier Delete Archive

DescriptionThis operation deletes an archive from a vault. You can delete one archive at a time from a vault. To delete the archive you must provide its archive ID in the delete request. You can get the archive ID by downloading the vault ...

AWS Storage Gateway Service Delete Tape Archive

Deletes the specified virtual tape from the virtual tape shelf (VTS).

AWS Storage Gateway Service Describe Tape Archives

Returns a description of specified virtual tapes in the virtual tape shelf (VTS).

AWS Storage Gateway Service Retrieve Tape Archive

Retrieves an archived virtual tape from the virtual tape shelf (VTS) to a gateway-VTL.

Fire Browse Beta API Retrieve standard data archives.

This service returns the archive URLs for our Firehose standard data runs, providing a RESTful interface similar in spirit to the command line firehose_get tool. The archives can be filtered based on date, cohort, data type, platform, center, data...

GitHub Get Repos Owner Repo Archive Format Path

Get archive link. This method will return a 302 to a URL to download a tarball or zipball archive for a repository. Please make sure your HTTP framework is configured to follow redirects or you will need to use the Location header to make a second...

Google Apps Admin SDK Archive Mail

Inserts a new mail into the archive of the Google group.

Slack Archive Channel

Archives a channel.

Slack Unarchive Channel

Unarchives a channel.

Slack Archive Conversation

Archives a conversation.

Slack Unarchve Conversation

Reverses conversation archival.

Slack Archive Group

Archives a private channel.

Slack Create Child Group

Clones and archives a private channel.

Slack Unarchive Group

Unarchives a private channel.

Stride Archive conversation

Authentication required, with scope manage:conversation

Stride Unarchive conversation

Authentication required, with scope manage:conversation

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